Get to Know the Variety of Adhesive Mats Available

Opinion by Paid Consultant

In this video I share an overview of all the different ScanNCut mats.

If you've purchased a bundled machine (meaning a ScanNCut that came with mats, you most likely received Standard and Low-Tack Mats. Personally, I can't live without a Scanning Mat. It's what makes scanning designs into the ScanNCut easy and painless. You shouldn't ever need to replace a Scanning Mat once you buy it, because there's no adhesive. Good news, right?

In any case, here's the video all about the different ScanNCut mats:

Some examples of mats featured in the video...

The Low Tack Adhesive Mat in 12-inches by 24-inches:

The Standard Adhesive Mat in 12-inches by 24-inches:

The 12" by 12" Standard Adhesive Mat:

Hope you found this helpful!

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