Intricate T Shirt Design with the ScanNCut

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Did you know that it is super duper easy to use ScanNCutCanvas (the FREE cloud-based ScanNCut software) to create an intricate lacy design? Check out this cute t-shirt I designed:


This was a thrift store t-shirt I bought for a dollar or two and now it's a gorgeous and unique garment! Watch the video for the how-to. Not only is the design super cute...


...but check out how teeny tiny some of the pieces are:


I was impressed by how well the ScanNCut managed those itty bitty bits. I hope you'll give designing your own Intricate Lacy Design a try. Remember, you don't need to own a ScanNCut to sign up for a FREE ScanNCutCanvas account and give this technique a try.

Talk to you next week!