Make a stylish home décor basket with your ScanNCut DX and display it with anything you imagine, even fancy, craft inspired fruit!

Supplies: ScanNCut DX, card stock, washi tape, and depending on the material you choose, use either hot glue (felt, foam), or rubber cement (paper).

Find a fun decorative, repeating pattern, one that you can repeat on a 12x12 mat and scan it in to the ScanNCut.

Scan in + Save the image to your ScanNCut.

On your ScanNCut, retrieve scanned image. To create one larger image (or to create a size for the project you are doing), increase your number of patterns selected. Save your newly repeated pattern to machine. See image below.

Place crafting felt (or whatever fabric you choose) onto a 12x12 mat and scan into machine. You may need to use some Washi tape to keep the edges down.

The Auto-Blade should be set on Auto, and it’s always best to do a test cut on the felt/fabric. Press cut. Repeat these steps one more time for a total of two complete pieces. Carefully peel felt off mat. Use the ScanNCut hook and spatula tool to remove all leftover felt pieces.

Basket Sides: Cut the first piece in half.

Attach two repeat patterns using hot glue to create a circle.

Basket Bottom: Place attached pieces on top of another repeat pattern and trace. Cut along trace line and then attached with hot glue.

Basket Handle: Attach a slim piece of card stock to a skinny piece of the repeated pattern using hot glue or rubber cement. The card stock will act as support for the handle. Then, fasten handle to basket.

Show off your new creation!

Next, we will fill it with craft inspired fruit pieces! Stay tuned!