Design a wood block stencil in CanvasWorkspace, grab some paint and create a one-of-a-kind gift that is both elegant and personal.

The layout of the stencils was done in CanvasWorkspace. Once that was complete, I loaded a mat with vinyl and cut out with my ScanNCut.

The pieces that needed to be cut were identified and the rest was removed from the screen. This is the stencil I created. There are three total stencils - the large 'E' and the last name 'Eusebio' that is combined with the lovely adage.

With the ScanNCut hook tool, I removed the lettering and so only the outline would remain.

Using transfer paper, the stencil for E was laid down and transfer paper was removed. I painted the E white and when it was it was dry; I removed the stencil.

I was then able to lay the next two stencils painting this in black.

Nelson and Diana Eusebio, We Decided on Forever, 11.20.2020