Beautiful Custom Paper Daffodils

Generate your own colorful garden of decorative paper flowers with the ScanNCut and plant them anywhere you like!

You will need: Colored paper or cardstock, ScanNCut, Low-tack cutting mat, hot glue, something to decorate (we created a garland using a length of jute ribbon–but get creative and decorate anything you desire!)


  1. 1. Download the 3 .fcm cutting files onto your machine.
  2. 2. Starting with “Flower1.fcm”, select a color of paper that you want the larger petals to be. (We chose white!)
  3. 3. Stick the paper to the low-tack mat and cut out the petals.
  4. 4. Load “Flower2.fcm” into the machine. These are the leaf shapes- they are meant to be layered on top of each other and under the constructed flowers. Choose a green paper color.
  5. 5. Stick paper to the low-tack mat and cut.
  6. 6. Load “Flower3.fcm” into the machine. These shapes make up the inner structure of the flowers. Select two paper colors and cut to the pattern’s proper sizes according to the mat.
  7. 7. Stick to the low-tack mat and use the machine’s scanning function to check that the cutting patterns are properly aligned to the paper areas. Adjust as needed and cut.
  8. 8. For each of the larger petal shapes, take the flaps at the bottom of the shapes (where there is a notch) and slightly overlay one on top of the other so that the petal shape puckers and curves slightly. Secure with glue.
  9. 9. Take the long, skinny notched rectangles and roll them up tightly lengthwise, making sure to bend the cut notches out to resemble a slight floral shape. Secure the bottom with glue so that it doesn’t roll open.
  10. 10. Layer 4 or 5 of the larger petals on top of each other as in the picture, and secure together with glue.
  11. 11. Place a starburst shape over the center of the stacked petals and secure with glue.
  12. 12. Place the rolled shape into the very center of the flower and secure with glue. The flower is complete!
  13. 13. Repeat steps 8-12 until the desired number of flowers are created. Cut more flower shapes out using the machine if needed!
  14. 14. When assembling your craft, make sure to layer the “Flower2.fcm” leaf shapes underneath the flowers to achieve a pretty, leafy effect.
  15. 15. Done!