Give your cell phone some personal flair with this creative cell phone cover project!

You will need: Brother stencil sheets, ScanNCut, hard shell cell phone case (smooth plastic material or similar), acrylic paint, sponge, acrylic sealer.

  1. Download the phone case Stencil.fcm to your machine.
  2. Following the directions provided with the Brother stencil sheet kit, stick the stencil sheet to the cutting mat and cut out the triangle design.
  3. Lift the stencil sheet off of the mat carefully.
  4. Peel apart the stencil sheet, leaving behind the triangle shapes.
  5. Apply the stencil sheet in a centered, straight formation onto the hard-shell phone case. Make sure to smooth out all bubbles and ensure that the stencil is on straight and in the location, you want before proceeding.
  6. Choose a color of acrylic paint and pour some in a small dish. Dip a sponge into the paint and use it to blot the paint over the stencil. Apply one even layer and let dry.
  7. After letting dry for about 10 or 15 minutes, repeat the process for a second coat. Let this coat dry as well.
  8. After making sure that the paint has dried, very carefully peel up the stencil sheet and discard.
  9. In a well-ventilated area, apply the sealer to the phone case. This will keep the acrylic paint pattern from scratching and make it much more hard-wearing.
  10. Let the sealer dry for 12-24 hours, or as long as is recommended on the bottle.
  11. Finished!