Intro Post

While tinkering with my Brother ScanNCut cutting machine, I had an ‘Aha!’ moment. Everyone knows that I love flashy fashion and looks that stand out. How cool would it be if you could make your own sequin embellishments to add to your clothing? You definitely read that right! Cut out cute shapes such as birds, flowers, or butterflies like I did and adhere them onto an old sweater that you have lying around. You can wear it to the small holiday gatherings you’ll be attending this season, or just when you’re out running errands to show off your holiday spirit. Let me show you how to make them.

Note: The paper is waterproof and actually quite durable, however I wouldn’t recommend throwing this sweater into a washing machine. The butterfly may have a tendency to lose its shape being thrown around; go for hand-washing or put your washing machine on delicate and let your sweater air-dry.


Cut Speed: 5

Cut Pressure: 9

Half Cut: OFF

1. Upload the file into your Brother ScanNCut.
2. Set up your cutting machine with the settings listed above.
3. Adhere the paper to the ScanNCut Mat and load.
4. Cut as many as you’d need for the design that you have chosen.

ScanNCut and design cutouts  
Cut Out Shapes

5. Glue the layers together to create a three-dimensional effect.

Glue design  
Glued shapes

6. Glue on your center bead.

Glue onto sweater

7. And that’s it! It’s a wonder what you can do with waterproof paper. Have fun with it!

Final sweater  
Final Sweater