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Through a series of happy accidents, back in 2013, I ended up at a focus group for a yet-to-be-released product called the ScanNCut. The folks at Brother pretty much pointed us at the machines and let us play. I was blown away. It was so easy to create cut files from my drawings! I could create custom stencils with just a scan and some cutting! I was also unhappy with some things and I stood up and said them. A lot of them. And then the most shocking thing happened, they called me and wanted to know more. It's one of the things that I really appreciate about Brother -- as a company. They are always interested in feedback and making their products better and more user friendly with every iteration.

Over the years, I've made cards...


Home Decor:

Home decor

Creative Patchwork:


Silicone Stamps:


3-D Objects:

3D object







Cookie Stenciling:

Cookie stencils

Easter Eggs:

Easter eggs

Candle "Holders":

candle holders

Baby Gifts:

baby gifts

Scrapbook Pages:




Pencil Cases:

Pencil cases

Foam Stamps:

Foam stamps

Flowers (that's felt):

Felt flowers

And even an umbrella:


Believe it or not, these are just a few of the hundreds of projects I've made with my ScanNCut over the years. I hope that you've enjoyed learning about your ScanNCut as I've learned and explored with my own! While it's true that I get paid to create videos and share posts about the ScanNCut, it is a machine that I love and use. I can hardly imagine my crafty life without my ScanNCut! One of the reasons that I've been able to spend five years talking about my love for the ScanNCut is because that love is genuine and true. I look forward to sharing more ScanNCut projects and ideas and techniques in the coming years too!

Talk to you next week!