A Flower Inspired Mother's Day Card

Intro Post

Using the built-in editing functions of your ScanNCut DX, it's super easy to take almost any cut file -- symmetrical or not -- and turn it into a card base. I used a flower shape to create a super cute Mother's Day card. Watch the video for the how-to:

Here are the basic steps:

Choose your cut file.

Resize it so that it's slightly wider than 6 inches.

Increase the number of flowers to 2.

Align the two flowers and then flip one of them.

And last but not least, weld your design.

As you can see, it's a very simple process for a totally custom result!

And look how much changing the paper changes the card!

I showed you how to use a flower to create a super cute Mother's Day card, but you could use almost any shape! Try it with hearts for Valentine's Day, balloons for a birthday, a pumpkin for Halloween, eggs for Easter, etc.

I hope you'll give this project a try!