Behind the Scenes at The B2B Brother Dealer Conference

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Recently, I attended Brother’s Annual Dealer Conference called B2B.


It’s several days of education and information for all of the Brother dealers. The dealers get to see the new products and learn how to use them. There’s a big fancy show to kick off the event…

jfb 2

…and an area for the dealers to wander through to touch everything new…

jfb 3

…and then lots and lots of classes! I was there to teach a ScanNCut class showcasing many of the new features of ScanNCut as well as some of the new accessories.

jfb 4

My classroom was filled with beautiful ScanNCut quilts by Anna Aldmon:

jfb 5

This is the project I taught:

jfb 6

The front of the card features embossed vellum and an embossed metal sentiment . Yes, the embossing kit is coming!!!

jfb 7
jfb 8

You can see that some of the embossing on the vellum “bleeds” onto the back of the card:

jfb 9

The back of the card also features the word “brother” drawn with a fill pattern — one of the new FREE firmware enhancements for ScanNCut! Get the firmware to update your machine here.

jfb 10

It’s quite a whirlwind with long days and lots of people. But there’s also so much excitement about what’s new that it makes everything fun!

Speaking of new, the new free ScanNCut projects just came out for this month and they’re Halloween-y. While I was at the convention, I couldn’t help but cut one little lantern out….

jfb 11

You can find this little light cover and lots of other free project here.

I am grateful to my two awesome classroom helpers — Charlotte and Pat:

jfb 12

I hope you’re as excited about the new ScanNCut accessories and firmware as I am!!

Talk to you next week!