Best Friends Day “Favorite Song” Greeting Card

For the “Favorite Song” Greeting Card you will need:

White Cardstock, Black Cardstock, Light Pink Paper, Bright Pink Paper, Brown Paper, White Paper, Glue, ScanNCut DX, Auto Blade

Steps for the “Favorite Song” Greeting Card:

1. Download the files to your ScanNCut DX.

2. Fold your white cardstock to make a card. You can also opt out of the white card and use the back of FavoriteSong_Wall.fcm to write on.
3. Load the Low-Tack mat with your Bright Pink Paper and cut out FavoriteSong_FloorAndVinylLabel.fcm
4. Load the Low-Tack mat with your Light Pink Paper and cut out FavoriteSong_Wall.fcm
5. Load the Low-Tack mat with your Brown Paper and cut out FavoriteSong_Table.fcm
6. Load the Low-Tack mat with your White Paper and cut out FavoriteSong_Sleeve.fcm
7. Load the Low-Tack mat with your Black Paper and cut out FavoriteSong_Vinyl.fcm
8. With all your pieces cut out, start assembling starting with your Light Pink Wall. Glue the Bright Pink Floor to the bottom. The rounded edges should line up.
9. Next, glue the table on. The bottom should be on the floor but the bright pink shouldn’t be seen through the vertical cuts in the table.
10. Now glue together your vinyl sleeve. Fold the two tabs in along the scores and fold it in half. Glue the tabs behind the front of your sleeve.

11. Glue the vinyl sleeve on the top of the table and write the song you and your best friend love or a fun message.
12. Glue the round Bright Pink label onto the center of the Black Vinyl.
13. Slip the record into the sleeve. It should be able to slip in and out.
14. Done!