Father’s Day Custom Candy Bar Wrappers

Intro Post

You will need:

● Various Colors and Patterns of Paper, White Paper, ScanNCut DX225, Auto Blade, Glue
● A Chocolate Bar

Set Up

Steps for the Custom Candy Bar Wrappers :

1. Download the files to your machine.
2. Unwrap your candy bar down to the foil.
3. Measure the front of the candy bar and multiply it by 2.5. This will make sure it will wrap around the bar and overlap on the back.
4. Load the Low-Tack mat with your color or patterned paper.

Load Mat

5. Cut out the base design for all the candy bars.
6. Load the Low-Tack mat with white paper.
7. Cut out the tag and mini-card for each candy bar.
8. Write a fun message or draw a picture on the mini-card.
9. On the tag, there are two half circle cuts. Slip the mini-card under the cuts to hold it in place.


10. Now with all your pieces completed, wrap the new wrapper around the candy bars and glue together on the back. Make sure the face cutout is centered on the front.
11. Glue the tag with the mini-card onto the top edge of the new wrapper above the face.
12. Done!
Finished Product