Brushes, Ideas & Supplies – Oh My!

Make summer art camp a little more organized with creative decals made with CanvasWorkspace and the ScanNCut. See all the fun details for all three projects below!

Please Wash Your Brushes Decal

You will need: ScanNCut, a variety of colored vinyl, Brother Transfer Tape, CanvasWorkspace

This project is 6.5 x 4 inches

3 font boxes all the same futuristic font (The fonts I used in CanvasWorkspace are Seattle Bold Oblique and Liverpool Italic but of course, use whatever font you like!)

The third font is encapsulated within a parallelogram

Create the ‘please’ in your ScanNCut.

Load your vinyl and scan. Press ‘cut’. Repeat for ‘wash.’

For the ‘your brushes,’ weed out from the shape and left as negative space. 

Clean sink with rubbing alcohol and dry with a paper towel before adhering.  

This sign is placed inside of the sink on the back wall or the bottom to remind the students not to leave the brushes in the sink.  (one of the biggest challenges faced as an art teacher) 

Supply Table Vinyl Sign

This project measured out to be 10 x 3 and is super useful for the table where I place the main supplies for our lessons.  

Starting with the word “Supply” in the futuristic font a rectangular box was added to extend from the left side of the "S" 

One side of the box was deleted to allow for the font extension. 

The word "the” was added in a smaller version of the same font. This was then weeded out from inside the box to show the letters negative space.  

Next the word “table” was added underneath with parts of the font overlapping.  The lines were deleted where the letters overlapped.  

Idea Jar

Project measured out to be 3.7 x 4.8 (but would change depending on the jar you pick).

The fonts I used were: For ‘Idea” Seattle Bold Oblique and for ‘Jar’ Cairo

This jar is for early finishers to select ideas to draw

Start with spiked circle basic shape and add two text boxes for the words Idea and Jar

Weed out letters for negative space.

Clean jar with rubbing alcohol, dry with paper towel and apply.