Create Your Own Disney’s Monster’s Inc. Inspired Custom Children’s T-shirt

-Brother Crafts Blogger



When it comes to easy and awesome – you can’t get much better than the SDX230Di for creative apparel! With designs built right in to bring the Disney magic to life – your only choice is to select size and color!


For this project, I am creating a small child’s T-shirt but anything from a cloth bib to a sweatshirt could be used! With HTV (heat transfer vinyl) you want to make sure that you are working with a material that can be transferred on to (has to tolerate the heat of iron or press), and you also want to look at the type of HTV and colors to consider how the design will look on your selected piece of clothing.


I always recommend getting out a ruler and determining the size (vs eyeballing it) when it comes to deciding your full-size project design. This can help you know what size to select on your ScanNCut. Do keep in mind that the design size shown is the full design – so for a design like mine that means Mike with the juggling balls included will be that size. Depending on the design, some might seem a bit smaller while others will feel like they take up that entire space.


The ScanNCut will cut out your pieces (such as the balls) in the order and placement they go – which means when you weed them they are already set to fit perfectly into your pattern! I recommend keeping transfer material over your HTV areas once done, just to ensure no burning/too much heat gets to any vinyl on the design as you layer multiple colors and styles of vinyl over.