Free Classroom Crafts and Cutting Files For Teachers In Honor Of National Craft Month

-Brother Crafts Blogger

March is National Craft Month and Brother USA wants to celebrate teachers for all that they do to keep their classrooms fun and engaging.

The bright and beautiful DIY crafts you see in classrooms are often paid for out of pocket. To help teachers with their classroom crafts and projects, Brother is offering unique and fun free cutting files for use with the ScanNCut DX and specifically designed for teachers! The free classroom crafts bundle includes patterns to create a clock for telling time, a birthday bulletin board, and more. To get started, check out the supplies list and links to download each pattern below, and get ready to Craft Your Classroom on your ScanNCut today.

New to crafting and not sure where to start? Brother also created a quiz to pair people with the best crafting product for them based on their preferences and experiences!

Birthday Bulletin Board



Celebrate your students and their big day with this unique classroom birthday board. Mix and match your colors to create a colorful and fun classroom. Create a board or use balloons to create a floating paper chain to entertain and delight your students.

Suggested supplies:

  • ScanNCut Machine and Accessories
  • Blue Butcher Paper
  • 12 Sheets of Colored Cardstock
  • 2 Sheets of Black Cardstock
  • Black and White Craft Vinyl (Months)
  • Grided Transfer Sheet
  • String
  • Pen
  • Adhesive
  • Download the FREE cut file!

Daily Affirmation

Help your students set their goals and intentions with a Daily Affirmations frame. You can create this custom chart using craft vinyl. Daily print outs help you and your students stay organized and focused on goals. And don’t forget to grab some dry erase markers for your chart so you can add daily words of encouragement for your students.




Suggested Supplies:

  • ScanNCut Machine and Accessories
  • Acrylic Sign Holder
  • Black Craft Vinyl
  • Various Colors of Craft Vinyl
  • Gridded Transfer Sheet
  • Download the FREE cut file!
  Egg-cellent Basket and Peer Encouragement




Celebrate your ”egg-cellent” pupils and encourage classroom positivity with a visual basket for Spring. Encourage students to write something positive.You can also have them write about their favorite spring activities, or what they’re looking forward to this season – the possibilities are endless.

Suggested supplies:

  • ScanNCut Machine and Accessories
  • 1 Sheet of Kraft 12”x12” Cardstock per Basket/Student
  • Various Colors of 8.5” x 11” Cardstock (to use in the printer and ScanNCut)
  • Ribbon
  • Printer
  • Download the FREE cut file!

Road Rules Bulletin Board

Road Rules bulletin board cut-outs can offer a unique visual to explain math, science, and so much more in a fun and engaging way.




Suggested supplies:

  • ScanNCut Machine and Accessories
  • Blue and Black Butcher Paper (sky and road)
  • Red, White, Gray, Brown, Green, and Black Cardstock (signs, grass, tires)
  • Various Colors of Cardstock (cars)
  • Adhesive
  • Pen
  • Download the FREE cut file!

Telling Time

Help students visualize and learn to read using your classroom clock. Customize with vinyl to create an eye-catching flower. The hardest part will be deciding which colors to use!




Suggested supplies:

  • ScanNCut Machine and Accessories
  • Clock
  • Pink, Green, Black, and White 12”x 12” Craft Vinyl
  • Gridded Transfer Sheet
  • Download the FREE cut file!

Happy Crafting!