Crafts Sews Crossover! A Wedding Project with Garter Flowers

Intro Post

A Crafts Sews Crossover Project! Check out this wonderful wedding project with Garter Flowers.

You will need:

  • Sheer polyester fabric, thread, candle and lighter, buttons/shiny embellishments of your choice, ScanNCut DX, high-tack fabric support sheet, Thin Fabric Auto Blade, Sewing machine, thread, needle, scissors

  • Wedding Flowers.fcm


1. Download “Wedding Flowers.fcm” to your machine.
2. Apply your fabric to the standard mat using a high-tack fabric support sheet.
3. Using the Thin Fabric Auto Blade, cut out the patterns.

4. Very carefully remove the fabric cutouts from the mat—don’t pull too hard to avoid fraying the fabric.

5. Use a craft iron, following the manufacturer’s instructions, to carefully and gently curl the fabric edges of each flower petal. Make sure not to burn the fabric! Note: This technique will only work with synthetic fabrics.
6. Once the petals are all curled, stack seven to eight of the flower pieces on top of one another (putting larger shapes on the bottom and smaller shapes on the top).
7. Use a sewing machine to sew a small knot in the center of the stack to secure the flower.

8. Next, use a regular needle and thread to sew on your buttons or shiny embellishments.
9. Repeat steps 1-8 to create more flowers if desired.
10. If desired, sew your flowers onto a garter belt. (We sewed our own to match the flowers.)
11. Done!