Spring into Spring with a Colorful Bloom Tote

Intro Post

With more time spent apart these days and social gatherings put on hold, I am amping up my efforts to bring joy and handmade love into my gifting. The inspiration for this tote is an aunt who will both be a bride again soon, and whom I always celebrate on Mother’s Day. A project like this is a lot of fun; you get to focus on the creation of the building of the design! I began with a pre-made tote bag though you could build your own container or work with a different style of container as well.

Quick Tip: Sometimes drawing your own simple shapes is the best way to create what you want, such as the flower stems and leaves I created for this tote bag.

Supplies Used:

  • Heat Transfer Vinyl, Low Tack Mat, tote bag, ScanNCut DX, iron

I recommend sketching for a project like this, as it really helped me envision the sizes, colors, and overall needs to reduce vinyl waste. I also really liked being able to bring all of the pieces into the ScanNCut, know how big to cut my material (by viewing the screen/approximate square inches), and then scanning my mat in to see how it would all work out. Why? Well, this meant that the 12 minutes to cut all of these designs was done at once, versus having to continuously stop and change things around! I was able to cut all the colors and pieces at one time, and that is a beautiful thing!