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Looking for a unique way to present a gift for Dad this Father’s Day? We’ve got a great idea, which can be personalized to show off your creativity!


  • Brother ScanNCut Machine
  • Cutting Mat
  • Wood Veneer with Adhesive (two different colors)
  • Wooden Mini Briefcase

With just a couple of items you are on your way to make a great impression on Dad with this trick for creating wood inlay using your ScanNCut.

1. Open Pattern > Logo > Dad

2. Adjust to ensure it will fit on to your briefcase

3. Open borders and choose one then resize to fit into one of the letters (Zooming may help to see the small designs)

4. Add more borders and shapes, as you like (To copy the shape, highlight and use the ‘Option’ key on a Mac or ‘D’ key on a PC)

5. Make sure the shapes do not touch any other lines

6. Once you have a finished design, highlight the whole thing and Group (Edit > Group)

7. Download the design to add to your machine (either via WiFi or to a USB)

8. Prepare your veneer by performing a test cut to ensure the cut is made through the wood, preferably not cutting into the adhesive backing (it makes an easier job of keeping the design aligned)

9. Scan in the two different shades of veneer

10. Position your design on each of the two colors, and cut both

11. Carefully remove one color and lightly place on the briefcase and adjust to your liking – once it is where you like, press firmly to adhere

12. Using your second color, inlay the designs made into the letters

13. Repeat using the contrasting shades on the other side of the briefcase