Cut Intricate Designs for Stencils with the ScanNCut Machine

Opinion by Paid Consultant

Intro Post

You may or may not know that I design stencils for a big stencil company. Recently, they needed some projects made using the new designs for a trade show, but they didn't have the time to get me the prototypes. What to do?! How can I make projects without any actual stencils?!

Well, I used my ScanNCut to cut the designs! I was a little bit worried about cutting such intricate designs (normally cut by lasers), but I was blown away by how well the ScanNCut handled the designs.

I cut the stencils out of transparencies. Here's an example of a super intricate one:

StencilDetail1-wm StencilDetail2-wm

And here you can see it in action:

AJHexFlowersDetail1-wm AJHexFlowersDetail2-wm AJHexFlowers-wm

Pretty cool to see how easily the ScanNCut can cut a super intricate design out of plastic!

Talk to you next week!