Surprise Dad with a homemade Father’s Day Card courtesy of a little creativity and the ScanNCut. You can hammer this one out in no time!

Supplies: ScanNCut, foam, glue, cardstock, faux wood paper, silver color paper


  1. On a blank piece of paper, draw out your favorite tools for Dad making sure that all the lines in your drawing connect.

2. Scan the tools drawing into your ScanNCut and Save to the Machine.

3. Retrieve Data and edit if need be.

4. Load mat with silver foam for the saw blade and red for the handle. Repeat this process for the hammer with black and red foam. Note for cutting, the side lever should be placed at 1.

5. Type #1 DAD in the ScanNCut. Load mat with black foam and cut.

6. Glue silver ‘saw blade’ on to saw and ‘hammer head’ on top of hammer handle.

7. Accessorize tools with ‘Dad’ to saw blade and ‘1’ to hammer.


8. Fold cardstock in half to create the card. Adhere a piece of the faux wood paper to make the cover.

9. Glue ‘Dad’ foam and silver paper hammer cut-out to inside of card.

10. Sign card.

11. Present to Dad and wish him a Happy Father’s Day!