HOLIDAY HOUSEWARES: New Year's Drinkware


  • Brother ScanNCut SDX85
  • Brother ScanNCut Cutting Mat
  • Matte Black Vinyl Permanent Craft Vinyl
  • 2 colors of Adhesive Craft Vinyl
  • Transfer paper
  • Transfer tape
  • Drinking Glassware
  • Dry rag

Happy New Year! Who’s ready to ring in the new year?! What’s a better way to ring in the new year than with brand new projects using your Brother ScanNCut. I love how versatile this machine is and how diverse the projects are that can be made with this machine. You can create a fun, fashionable jacket to super fun drinkware. The options are endless. The only thing that limits what can be created is your creativity because this machine can create just about anything.

To ring in the New Year, I thought it’d be fun to create some custom drinkware. This project is great because it’s very inexpensive and easy to do. We love beginner friendly projects over here! Simply pick up some glasses at a dollar store, visit the Brother website for your choice of vinyl and you’re ready to get started. These glasses would be so cute in your home as a pretty addition to your bar cart. These glasses would also make for a great gift. If you’re thinking about gifting these to a friend, adhere the same design on a wine bag (don’t forget the wine!) and you have the perfect gift.

Don’t let the celebration end here! Use this file to create sweatshirts, t-shirts, tote bags, and more!


  1. Upload the design into CanvasWorkspace, and resize to a width of 4 inches. Be sure that you add the disco ball as a layer and resize it to fit. One thing that I liked added to this file is a weeding box. This is optional but it helps a lot.
  2. Intro Post

  3. Apply your vinyl to your Brother cutting mat right side up. Be sure to remove any air bubbles.
  4. Intro Post

  5. Set your machine up to cut a half cut. Be sure to test the cut prior to cutting out your design. When your test cut comes out perfect, proceed with cutting out your design.
  6. Intro Post

  7. Remove any debris from your glass with a dry rag.
  8. Intro Post

  9. Starting the with “Hello 2 23”, remove the excess vinyl from your design. Apply a regular grip on top and apply to your glass making sure that it’s centered.
  10. Intro Post

  11. Next, with the disco ball: Remove the excess vinyl around the disco ball. Apply it to your glass after the number 2.
  12. Intro Post

  13. That’s it! Look how fun these came out! Ring in the new year with your friends and family and have fun telling them that you made the glassware.
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