Excited About the Brand New ScanNCut DX

Opinion by Paid Consultant

Intro Post

Brother has incorporated so many of the customer requests and suggestions, it's amazing. There are a ton of new features, so I made a quick video sharing my personal top ten features to note.It was actually really difficult to decide what to include in the video because there are sooooo many new features. Ask me tomorrow and I'll probably have a totally different list of notable new features! But in the meantime, here's the video:



In the order from the video (but no particular order):

  1. ScanNCut DX is bigger than the ScanNCut 1&2.
  2. New mats for the new machine -- the new markings on the mats are part of how the Auto Blade works.
  3. Easy up and down screen.
  4. Built-in storage!
  5. Roll Feeder: cut up to 72 inches or 6 feet of rolled vinyl!
  6. Auto Blade!!! This is an industry first! Other machines claim to have an auto blade, but you still have to choose your material. With ScanNCut DX, you don't have to do that! It's a true AUTO Blade.
  7. The SDX 225 model (as seen in the video) has 1300+ built-in designs!
  8. The ScanNCut DX 225 reads PES files! Good news for all of you embroiderers!
  9. Whisper quiet. Seriously amazing. You can just barely hear it cutting now.
  10. Cut up to 3mm with ease!

Talk to you next week!