Express Your Unique Style with Custom Jewelry

Brother Crafts Blogger

Making your own accessories is the perfect DIY project to take your own personal style to the next level. With the ScanNCut machine by Brother, jewelry making can be easier and more fun than ever before. Cut fabric with ease. You can even work with materials such as leather and duct tape!   With detailed tutorials from our expert crafters, you can create beautiful personalized jewelry. Follow along with each step on the built-in LCD display screen.  
001   Project Runway: All Stars winner Anthony Ryan Auld shares his tips for creating a one-of-a-kind leather cuff using the ScanNCut machine. With tips, continuous images of the screen throughout the process, and easy-to-follow expert instructions, you too can easily work with leather and design an eye-catching fashion statement! Click HERE for his detailed project guidelines.     Using the ScanNCut machine, Liz Hicks walks viewers through the process of how to create resin bracelets. Mixed media artists will love creating custom shapes and sizes of different materials that are brought together with unique elements to create beautiful looks.  
002   Duct tape jewelry crafts are popular with kids, and Kathy Cano-Murillo demonstrates how this versatile sticky tape can be used to make fun earrings for the young at heart, too! With jewelry hooks, the assorted duct tape sheets of your choosing (even glitter if you’d like) and your ScanNCut machine, you can create earrings for virtually any outfit and occasion. Click HERE to follow her step-by-step guide.