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Are you looking for a super quick and easy formula to help you create awesome hand made greeting cards?

When I made these holiday cards, I followed an easy 1-2-3 card-making formula that you can use for any occasion:
1. Background Paper
2. Sentiment
3. Detailed Embellishment

For my cards:

1. The background paper was stamped using a hand carved stamp and a custom ink pad, but you could grab a sheet of pretty scrapbook paper to make the process quicker.
2. For my sentiment, I used my ScanNCut to create exactly what I wanted. You can use the built-in sentiments or fonts in the machine or create your own in CanvasWorkspace!
3. As for the embellishments, I purposely created tiny differences. Over time, I have discovered that this makes the process of creating multiples more creative and fun for me. And yet, because they're basically the same, I don't really have to spend that much extra time figuring out a design that works. Check it out:

So although Christmas has passed us by, I hope you'll take this easy formula and try making cards for an upcoming birthday, Valentine's Day, or whatever holiday is next on your calendar!

Talk to you soon!
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