Hanukkah Crafts: Dreidel Garland and Pop Out Greeting Card

Craft a lovely Dreidel garland and welcoming pop-out greeting card for Hanukkah.

You will need:

Dreidel Garland Pop-Out Greeting Card


Dreidel Garland

1. Download “Dreidel_Banner.fcm” to your machine.
2. Load the low-tack mat with gold paper. Cut out the designs and set aside.
3. Repeat step 2 two more times with light blue paper and dark blue paper.
4. Assemble the 3D dreidels: slide the top and bottom pieces to each dreidel together along the slit cutout, creating a 3D shape.
5. Thread the baker’s twine through the holes along the top of each dreidel.
6. Done!

Pop-Out Greeting Card

1. Download “Greeting_Card.fcm” to your machine.
2. Place dark blue cardstock along the bottom half of the low-tack mat, and place white cardstock along the top half of the mat.
3. Start by drawing the glyphs on the dreidel. Select the “draw” function on the machine, and load the drawing tool with a blue pen.
4. Draw the glyphs on the white paper.
5. Next, set up the calligraphy tool with a blue pen.
6. Load the calligraphy font into the machine and write out “Happy Hanukkah.” Arrange the words so that they fall to the left or right of the dreidel cutout on the white paper pattern.
7. Draw the “Happy Hanukkah” words using the Calligraphy Kit.
8. Next, set up the machine with the Auto Blade, and select the “cut” function. Cut out the designs.
9. Take the white paper cutout and score a line down the horizontal center (straight down the center of the dreidel glyphs). Then, score two lines down the edges of the center cutouts to show where the pop out will fold outwards into the center of the card.
10. Use the score lines to help you fold the center pop out into a little dreidel shape.
11. Use glue to attach the white folded card to the slightly larger blue backing.
12. Done! Personalize your card.