Love Inspired Wall Hanging Project

Intro Post

When it comes to home décor, I love to mix and match the supplies and crafting styles I enjoy to create unique pieces. One of my favorite new things to make? Wall hangings! These can be as simple as some heat transfer vinyl on a piece of felt to elaborate quilted and decorated designs that take days to create. In this video tutorial I will share with you how I used heat transfer, scanned my handwriting, used some of the ScanNCut DX built in designs, and more to create a lovely wall hanging perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Supplies Needed:

  • ScanNCut DX, standard mat, pink HTV, gold glitter HTV, felt in assorted colors, embroidery thread and needle, lace, sewing machine, beads and buttons, ribbon, and a wood dowel

Here are a few tips for creating a wall hanging like mine:

1. Have your finished size in mind before you begin, so that you know what sizes to cut your designs.
2. If your material is not stable enough, add some stabilizer to the back side or place into an embroidery hoop during the stitching.
3. Let your design guide you! An intricate heart such as the one I used; offers many ways to incorporate beading, hand embroidery, and more. If you want a simpler look, consider a design that is simpler or has less intricate detail.
4. For more contrast, use thread that is either much lighter or darker than the vinyl or material you are working with. For more subtle accents use a hue closer in color value.

Above all, have fun with the creative process and enjoy dabbling in mixed media art!