Intro Post

While we will be staying close to home this summer, that’s no reason to not document and create in a journal. From new recipes tried to garden adventures, hikes around local parks to watching a movie together, I am sure my daughters will have plenty to talk about! This journal gives them space to document, add stickers, and so much more.

For this project I wanted to share with you how easy the built-in designs of the ScanNCut SDX230D make customizing your journal. A bit of vinyl and pixie dust is all you need to transform something ordinary into a custom creation just for you. As a gift, for yourself, or just to expand your skills with your ScanNCut this is a must-do project for any season or occasion!

Materials Needed:

  • ScanNCut SDX230D
  • Standard mat
  • Iron-on vinyl
  • Sticker vinyl
  • Transfer material for vinyl
  • A Notebook
  • Notebook cover
Tip: When ironing on heat transfer vinyl to a material you haven’t worked with before, be sure to use your fabric cover cloth, work slowly, and take your time. You do not want to overheat or damage your material, and this step can help ensure a perfect transfer.

Journal Cutouts
Final Book