How To Make Custom DIY Gift Bags For The Holidays

-Brother Crafts Blogger


- ScanNCut DX
- standard mat
- heat transfer vinyl
- fabric (with iron-on adhesive backing)
- paper
- assorted bags
- buttons and other embellishments

When it comes to the holidays, there is always a need for gift bags! Whether you are planning to create your gifts from hand or just want to put a homemade touch on a store-bought gift – this tutorial is for you! Creating customized gift bags, tags, and cards is simple and fun with the ScanNCut DX. In addition to being easy, it’s a great way to work some creative time into your otherwise hectic holiday schedule.

There are many patterns built-in ready to go that are multiple parts. Meaning, that you will cut separate pieces – even types – of material to put together the finished layered design. For this project, I decided to use the gift box that is built in to the ScanNCut SDX85s and cut three different types of material to show the variety possible.

Why cut multiple of the same design and reuse the idea? It is fast, creative fun that also allows you to have similar but custom gifts! The same can be done on cards, tags, and other goodies too. This keeps things streamlined but creative, custom but consistent.

In this video tutorial I cut out of fabric, glitter heat transfer vinyl, regular heat transfer vinyl, and paper. You’ll always want to do separate cuts so that the auto blade can sense and cut appropriately- you don’t want to try different thicknesses all at once or some things will cut too much or not enough. You will want to think about your design as well as what surfaces you are transferring on to. There truly are endless creative possibilities for mixing and matching colors and pieces – this is the kind of project you can get the whole family involved in creating and crafting while bagging up gifts for loved ones.