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Get ready to ring in the new year with some New Year's Eve decorations courtesy of your ScanNCut!

You will need:

Gold Star Banner Gold Paper, ScanNCut, sewing machine, gold thread, low-tack mat Gold Banner -2.fcm Cupcake Toppers Gold glitter paper, low-tack mat, ScanNCut, non-toxic adhesive, toothpicks Cupcake Toppers -2.fcm Champagne Glass Decals Gold and silver vinyl, Roll Feeder, ScanNCut, champagne glasses, transfer sheets Glass Decals-2.fcm


Gold Star Banner

1. Download “Gold Banner.fcm”to your machine.
2. Apply the gold paper to the low-tack mat.
3. Cut out the pattern, repeating as needed to create your desired banner length.
4. Pair up each cutout with another star shape. For each star pair, stack one star on top of the other.
5. Use a sewing machine and matching thread color to begin sewing the cutouts together down their centers, making sure to backstitch at the beginning to set the stitches.
6. Once you finish sewing one shape, don’t cut the thread. Let the machine continue sewing for about 4 inches, creating a stitched thread. Make sure to keep light tension on the thread by pulling on it from the back.
7. After there is a 4-inch string created, feed the next pair of stars into the machine and stitch them together down the middle.
8. Repeat steps 4-6 until you have created a chain of your desired length. Backstitch on the last shape pair and cut the thread, removing from the machine.
9. Secure each strand end by tying a knot.
10. Hang up your banner—you’re done!

Cupcake Toppers

1. Download “Cupcake Toppers.fcm” to your machine.
2. Apply the gold glitter paper to the low-tack mat.
3. Cut out the pattern.
4. Pair up each letter cutout with its mirrored shape – for the stars, just make sure they are paired up.
5. With the glittery sides facing out, sandwich a toothpick between each shape pair.
6. Use adhesive to secure all of the pieces together.
7. Let dry fully.
8. Done! Use the toppers to embellish your cupcakes.

Champagne Glass Decals

1. Download “Glass Decals.fcm” to your machine.
2. Load the roll feeder with your choice of gold or silver vinyl.
3. Cut out the pattern.
4. Weed out all extra vinyl from the patterns.
5. Using a transfer sheet, carefully apply each design to a champagne glass. Make sure all bubbles are smoothed out.
6. Done!