With CanvasWorkspace and the Brother ScanNCut, you can add some creative personalized home décor pieces to make your house feel like a home!


Wood piece: approx. 36 inches by 12 inches
White and Black Paint
Gold Glitter
ScanNCut DX
Roll Feeder

Wood Board: To start off, apply one coat of white paint to your board.

Stencils: In CanvasWorkspace, create a rectangular box so it easily lines up on the wood piece. This stencil is an 11-inch x 32-inch rectangle.

Inside the box, line up the lettering. “Begin each day with a” is typed in sized and placed. “Grateful heart” is then typed in a new text box, sized and placed as well.

Highlight the entire design and rotate it so it will fit on the 12x36 inch art board.

Once it is ready to be cut, send the the design either wirelessly from the computer to the ScanNCut DX or use a USB stick to transfer. In Settings (wrench icon), set Half Cut to On and send the vinyl through the ScanNCut using the Roll Feeder.

Once the stencil is cut, weed out the letters. Use Transfer Grid Vinyl to place the design on the wood (making sure to remove any air pockets) and then remove the transfer grid vinyl. Be sure that the design is secure. Now you are ready to paint.

A small/medium sized paint brush is best and dabbing the design with paint is preferred to prevent paint from seeping underneath stencil (two coats of black paint were used). While the second coat is still wet, gently apply rose gold glitter over the "heart.” Once the paint is dry, shake off any extra glitter and remove the vinyl stencil.

Display proudly!