Personalized Tattered Lace Custom Envelope

Create a one of a kind envelope for that special person with your ScanNCut.

You will need: Low-Tack cutting mat, colored paper of your choice, adhesive (non-toxic glue works!)

The Envelop_TatteredLace.fcm and Confetti.fcm is the design made from #TTLP04002 in CATTLP04 Tattered Laced Pattern Collection 4

Tattered Lace Pattern Collection 4

  1. 1. Load “Envelope_TatteredLace.fcm” into the machine.
  2. 2. Stick your choice of colored paper onto the low-tack mat. If you’re not sure that the cutting files will line up properly with the paper, use the scanning function to make sure.
  3. 3. Cut out the pattern, lifting the pattern carefully from the mat to avoid ripping the lace portion.
  4. 4. Score and fold the envelope’s flaps inwards, securing the edges with non-toxic glue.
  5. 5. Next, load “Confetti.fcm” into the machine.
  6. 6. Choose a paper color and stick it to the low-tack mat. Cut out the confetti patterns.
  7. 7. Repeat this process to create more confetti or to create confetti in different colors.