Buttoned up Rainbow Zipper Bag

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When it comes to drawing I am no expert, but I really love to bring my creative ideas to life with my own hands. My solution? I lightly sketch with thin pen, then thicken my lines and develop my designs before turning them into cut files easily with the ScanNCut Dx. The ability to scan my drawing, smooth the lines, and save as a cut file means that I do not need any knowledge of computer editing or digital creating in order to get my idea to life. This is a real perk for me- and one of my favorite things about the ScanNCut DX!


-ScanNCut DX (any model)

-standard mat

-zipper bag

-Heat Transfer Vinyl (assorted colors)





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My vision for this decorated zipper pouch was to combine mediums, and have both flat (HTV) elements as well as hand sewn dimensional embellishments decorating it. Once heat set, HTV is very flexible as far as stitching through, and adding elements around it. I found that adding different hand stitches as well as buttons and beads really brought this piece from simple to wow – and in not as much time as you’d think! If you are creating a batch of projects as gifts, customizing in such a way is a fun method of adding more detail and personalization to each project while still creating a similar item for each recipient. I recommend for this project setting up a color palette across the product types you intend to use, and make sure you like it before you begin the process of cutting vinyl and pieces. Tip if you don’t like something? Save that piece, use it with some other colors at a future date!

With all the joy of rainbows and all of the textures of my craft supplies, this is a project that was a true delight to create and I can’t wait to make another. Looking for alternatives? You can create your rainbow in any color palette you’d like, and this project would work on clothing, a tote bag, or even on a canvas or for a shadow box! When it comes to creating projects with my ScanNCut DX, my own imagination is truly the only limit.

Love the idea of a hand drawn design, but worrying it’ll be good enough? Relax! You can draw with a thin pen, then thicken and smooth your lines to taste. The ScanNCut DX has the ability to smooth your lines, and it will also allow you to re-size so that you don’t have to worry about getting the design and the size perfect.

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