ScanNCut Created Snowflakes Become Art and Even Jewelry

Brother Crafts Blogger

Tis the season for snowflakes! I decided to get a little bit high tech this year and skip the scissors. Instead I used my ScanNCut to make myself some gorgeous snowflakes!

I used some kaleidoscope software to generate a variety of snowflakes. You could also use a coloring book image or any clip art your like. Last year I shared a video showing how you can take a single hand cut snowflake and turn it into a string of snowflakes using your ScanNCut! There are even several snowflake designs built into the machine! The magic of the ScanNCut is that there are so many ways to find an image you’d like to cut out!

Here are the snowflakes I created with my ScanNCut.

You’d never know that they were meant to be snowflakes! They just look like fabulous lacy earrings!

It’s amazing what you can do with your ScanNCut! Use your ScanNCut snowflakes to decorate your home, adorn packages, beautify your holiday table, or cut them out of plastic to make earrings to gift to friends and family!

Happy New Year! Talk to you next week!