ScanNCut DX Quick Tip: Recalibrate Your Machine

Intro Post
Intro Post

ScanNCut Specialist Julie Fei-Fan Balzer shows you how to recalibrate your machine.

Your ScanNCut is a precision machine. I love the magic of Direct Cut because, among other things, it allows me to quickly and easily cut around my stamped images using the machine's built-in-scanner.

If, for some reason, you notice that your ScanNCut is not behaving in the expected precision manner, you can re-calibrate your machine.  Don't be nervous about doing it, it's easy and simply requires a sheet of white paper and a little bit of time.  Watch the video for the how-to:

One quick tip: If you don't have any white paper on hand, try flipping a piece of patterned paper over.  Many patterned papers are white on the back!

I hope you found this tutorial useful!