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The ScanNCut is an electronic cutter. The word cutter is in the description. Therefore, it makes sense that most of the questions I get are about cutting.  With that in mind, here are some basic cutting tips:

  1. Everything you cut goes on a sticky mat.  It must stick to the mat to cut.
  2. ScanNCut cuts a wide range of materials, up to 2mm. If a craft knife would cut it, the ScanNCut will most likely cut it.
  3. Blade Pressure is all about how hard you have to work to cut that material.
  4. Speed: Intricate design (slower), Simple design (slow)
  5. Blade Depth is the depth of the material you are cutting.
  6. Two types of Blades: Standard and Deep Cut


One thing I didn’t say in the video is that Test Cuts are your friend!  I do at least one every single time I sit down to use my ScanNCut and you should too! Talk to you next week!