Learn a cool technique called Reverse Text Cutouts and try it on your next project!

You will need: ScanNCut DX, cardstock, AutoBlade, low-tack mat, non-toxic glue or adhesive

Note: This is a technique walkthrough to create text labels out of layered paper cutouts. Get creative and find ways to apply the skills outlined here in your own projects! We used it to create labels for a fantasy gameboard.


Open up CanvasWorkspace.

Select the Text function and type out what you want your text to say. Change the font and size to your specifications.

Pick a shape from the shapes menu or use the pen tool to draw your own. Alternatively, you could also upload an .svg file of the shape you want to use.

Arrange the shape so that it surrounds the text completely, like so:

Copy the outer shape and drag it down onto a different part of the canvas.

Arrange the shapes so that the outer shape is sent to the back (the text should be on top of the shape). Select both the text and the outer shape.

In the Process Overlap menu, click the “subtract” button (the icon on the far right). This combines the shapes.

Transfer your pattern to the machine and cut out the shapes. Use two different colors for the text shape and the blank copied shape to create a contrast between the two.

Lift the cardstock carefully from the mat, making sure to save all small “negative” pieces (the holes inside of letters, like the letter “o” for example).

Use adhesive or glue to carefully press the shapes together. Fill in any missing negative spaces with the saved pieces, pressing down firmly to affix the adhesive.

You’re done! Use this technique to embellish any project you desire.

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