Using Freezer Paper with the ScanNCut

Brother Crafts Blogger

Do you have a box of freezer paper in your kitchen?  In case you don't know what freezer paper is, it's a thick paper with a plastic or wax coating on one side. However, I actually know freezer paper from the quilting world where it is often used to create stencils.  You can melt the wax coating with a hot iron to create a temporary (and non-damaging) bond with fabric. I've cut many freezer paper stencils by hand over the years and I wasn't sure if the ScanNCut would have a delicate enough touch with this particular paper, but it did!  Check out how easy it is to create a freezer paper stencil using your ScanNCut.


Doesn’t that look fantastic!  I hope you’ll give cutting freezer paper stencils with your ScanNCut a try!

Talk to you next week!