Vinyl Decals for Home Organization

Need to organize your home? Why not use the ScanNCut DX!! With the ScanNCut and assorted vinyl, you can add fun unique personalization to a variety of bottles and dispensers all over your home.

You will need: ScanNCut, Brother vinyl roll in your choice of color, Roll Feeder, Soap/Lotion dispensers, various containers for bathroom organization, contact paper

  1. 1. Load your Roll Feeder with your Brother vinyl.
  2. 2. Load “vinyl_organization.fcm” into your machine.
  3. 3. Select the “cut” function and cut the vinyl!
  4. 4. Weed away all excess vinyl from around the text designs, so that only the text remains on the adhesive of the vinyl sheet.
  5. 5. Apply the sticky side of the contact paper to the top of the vinyl designs; press firmly to get the vinyl letters stuck to the contact sheet and lift to remove from the vinyl roll adhesive. (The letters will now be stuck on their front side to the contact paper, with their sticky backing facing outward.)
  6. 6. Repeat Step 5 for all labels.
  7. 7. Use the contact paper to apply the text designs to your containers and soap/lotion dispensers of choice.
  8. 8. Done!