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ScanNCut offers the unique capability to make wonderful and precise cut files from virtually any hand drawing or image. This one-of-a-kind feature makes finding the perfect image for your crafting projects even easier. Simply scan in your design (left) and cut (right).


Creating cut files has never been easier! Simply scan in your hand drawing or illustrated image and ScanNCut will turn your art into a cut file within seconds. This takes handmade to a whole new level, by truly allowing artists to take their art to the page in no time and use a multitude of mediums in the process.


In addition to personal art work, there are so many wonderful artists on the Internet who share their love for art in the form of free SVG files. These vector graphics can be used with ScanNCut machines. SVG files can be easily converted by using the free ScanNCutCanvas online website. In under a minute, SVGs can be converted to FCM files and used for your beautiful handmade gifts and artwork.


In addition, the Internet offers a wide variety of royalty-free clip art for personal use. These graphics can be printed and scanned in to create cut files (although be sure to check the user licensing on such images before use with ScanNCut machines).


Images, fonts, phrases and so much more can be used to create beautiful creations – by you, in the comfort of your own home – in no time. This capability allows for limitless possibilities of creativity. With just a little research and exploration, the Internet becomes a vast resource of creativity.