Women’s History Month: ‘Who Runs the World’ T Shirt Heat Transfer Vinyl

Brother Crafts Blogger

During March, we celebrate Women’s History Month. In recent years, women have made historic strides in this country, and it’s something to celebrate. I mean, let’s talk about this year alone. We have our first female Vice President! How awesome is that?! Women are capable of doing all things. We are just as powerful as our male counterparts (if not more powerful. Shhh! ;)) I thought it’d be fun if we created a t-shirt that celebrates the diverse women in our country. I think diversity is beautiful and it should be celebrated as well. Let’s craft a Women’s History Month t-shirt!


Brother ScanNCut DX

Heat Transfer Vinyl- 3 different skin tone shades

Heat Transfer Vinyl- red or pink for nail polish

Heat Transfer Vinyl- Black (Optional)

3 Small squares of Fabric (Different prints/ colors)

Fabric Glue or Sewing Machine

ScanNCut File of Woman’s Hand [Found Here] ScanNCut File of Sleeve [Found Here] ScanNCut File- Who Runs the World [Found Here] Brother Iron-on Fabric Applique Contact Sheet Iron + Ironing Board Fabric Marking Tool Scissors

Instructions: 1. To start, resize the file to 5.5 inches and mirror the image. 2. Separate the layers of the file on CanvasWorkspace. You should have the outline, the skin, and the nails. Since there are three of each on the tshirt design, cut each file separately. To do this, hide the files that you won’t be cutting in canvas. Don’t delete them. Just hide them. 3. The Skin. Copy and paste two hand outlines in a row on CanvasWorkspace (for a total of three hands). Lay 3 different skin tones on your cutting mat and cut.

different vinyl colors

4. Nails. Repeat previous step. 5. The outline. This cut is optional. I chose not to cut this one, but if you choose to cut this, repeat the previous step. 6. The sleeves. To prep the fabric, cut out a rectangle big enough for the cut file. Iron contact sheet to wrong side of fabric. Adhere to cutting mat.

fabric pieces
contact sheets

7. Who Runs the World. Be sure that the file is mirrored and cut. 8. Arrange the sleeves in CanvasWorkspace and cut all three sleeves in the fabric you prepared. 9. Assemble each layer on the top center of your shirt starting with the center hand. For the sleeves, use fabric glue for extra hold. Sewing the sleeves on is optional if you prefer that method. (Pro tip: To position your center hand, position it three fingers from the top edge of your shirt.)

finished t-shirt