Intro Post Hello Fall! Supplies needed:
  • Wood (8”) Board or Canvas
  • Acrylic Paint and Brushes
  • Gold Adhesive Brother Vinyl
  • ScanNCutDX
  • Standard Mat
  • Clear Acetate or Stencil Material
  • Transfer Material
One of my favorite things to do is to paint; however I am not very skilled at drawing or coming up with my own designs to paint. My solution? The ScanNCutDX, of course! With a stencil or mask design and some paint, ink, or other color medium I can have all the fun of painting while knowing that my design will turn out beautifully! In this case, I decided to create a DIY fall sign.  For this project, I mixed two of my favorite ways to utilize my ScanNCutDX – DIY stencils and vinyl designs! With some custom text and some beautiful gold vinyl, I had a new sign to welcome fall in no time. This simple sign project is endlessly customizable! I hope you enjoy my tutorial video! Tip: If you are going to adhere craft (sticker) vinyl, be sure to create a smooth surface that it will adhere to, and make sure all paint is fully dry.
Finished Fall Sign