Defend Your Business Infrastructure with Print Security

Your organization requires strong document management security, which can often be daunting. But with the right set of technology and solutions, you can turn your business’ document security up a notch. Download the IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Brother, to learn more.

Security & Compliance Threats are All the Buzz - Are You Listening?

Did you know that in a recent IDC survey, 24% of all respondents indicated that their company had a significant IT security breach in the last 12 months that required remediation? The average total monetary cost to the organization was over $815,000, and over 16% of these breaches involved printer security. In this IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Brother, you’ll learn:

  • What print security is, at the device, document, and network levels
  • Companies’ top 3 concerns when it comes to printer security
  • The importance of working with providers who offer a robust set of print           security features
  • The top 10 most important security features for your business infrastructure
  • How document security can positively impact your business’s bottom line
  • How Brother’s robust business-class products offer three critical lines of           security defense