Transform an Empty Frame into a Custom Jewelry Holder

Opinion by Paid Consultant

I have a tendency to pull canvases off their frames. This leaves me with empty frames.

I have stretched new canvas over a few of them, but I had this little one and it was calling out to become something brand new, like this earring holder:

To begin, I cut an old patterned transparency into a decorative background. I wanted to use a transparency because I was afraid paper would rip. I figured plastic wouldn't.

I slightly altered a free cut file. Once it was cut, I spray painted the transparency:

I also sprayed the frame. Although, I ended up using some gesso to fill in the sides and little holes.

Once the paint dried, I decided that it was a little too plain for me, so I added some texture with more gesso and my stencil...

And then with puffy paint!

I let it dry overnight. In the morning I glued the painted transparency onto the back of the frame and I added some tape.

I added the tape because (a) this is not nice wood -- it's very splintery, and (b) I wanted to make sure the transparency was securely attached.

Then I placed the frame on a padded surface (so as not to hurt the dimensional paint on the front) and attached a small metal hanger.

One detail that helps the earring holder hang well (slightly away from the wall to give the hooks room) is the addition of foam on the bottom edge of the frame:

And that's it! Super duper easy earring holder made from trash!