April Fool’s Day “Sponge Cake" Prank

This holiday, clean up with this fun cake inspired craft! Absorb all the details here!

You will need: Large yellow sponges, scissors, exacto knife, craft felt, craft foam, hot glue, High-tack fabric support sheet

Note: This project lists the steps to create a 2-layer circular cake (like in the photo).

  1. Use a pen to trace a 3-inch circle on the top of a sponge. Grab an exacto blade and cut around the circle, into the sponge. It won’t go all the way through at first, so take a second pass around to separate the circle from the rest of the sponge.
  2. Next use a pair of scissors to trim and clean up any jagged edges around the sponge. The sponge should look slightly rounded and soft-looking--like a cake!
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 to create 2 “cakes.”
  4. Load “Cake Frosting.fcm” into your machine.
  5. Select some colors of felt to use- We used one sheet of blue and one sheet of white for our cake. You’ll likely need to place a High-Tack Fabric Support sheet on your mat to ensure your felt cuts properly.
  6. Cut out the frosting shapes. Layer the felt on top of the cake pieces and secure the “drips” down on the sides of the cake with hot glue if needed.
  7. Open your machine’s built-in pattern designs, and go to the basic shapes section. Get creative here! We chose some circles and rounded rectangles that looked a bit like sprinkles, and resized everything to a nice small shape. For sprinkles, a 0.25” width is plenty big.
  8. Stick craft foam to your mat in some bright contrasting colors and cut out the sprinkles/cake accessories.
  9. Place your accessories on your cake, and assemble all pieces. Secure with hot glue where needed.
  10. Done! (just remember, this is a decorative cake, so please, do not eat this!)