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It’s always fun to up-cycle clothes you may have laying around your home! Check out how we embellished a simple baby onesie with help from the ScanNCut machine and the Brother™ Innov-ís 950D Sewing and Embroidery Machine!


To begin, we took a piece of green felt and then embroidered leaves onto the material with the Innov-ís 950D (using green thread to give it a monochromatic look). Prior to cutting the leaves out of the felt, we ironed on a fabric appliqué contact sheet (CASTBL1). Tip: Make sure that your iron is set to a lower setting that will work well with felt. It’s now time to cut out the flower to be placed on top of the leaves. We recommend starching your fabric prior to laying it down on the cutting mat to help give the fabric a little weight prior to cutting. Once you’ve starched the fabric, simply iron on another fabric appliqué contact sheet (CASTBL1) to the backing of your fabric. These simple steps will allow your fabric to move easily through the ScanNCut machine as it cuts out your design.