How to Make a Disney's "Cars" Luggage Tag for Kids

-Brother Crafts Blogger

- ScanNCutSDX230Di
- Standard Mat
- Felt
- Heat Transfer Vinyl
- thick acetate or other sturdy plastic sheet
- Hole Punch, Sewing Machine and thread (or hot glue for a no-sew)
- liquid adhesive
- buttons
- ribbon
- binder ring

When it comes to making your luggage stand out, there’s nothing like some vinyl decals on your suitcase! But what if you can’t customize your suitcase in this way, or if you want something more temporary? Then create a custom design with DIY luggage tags!

For a more durable, longer lasting option look to tougher materials such as denim or even faux leather. Looking for something mid-range? Try some felt, strengthened with stabilizer if you so choose. For this luggage tag I utilized three different Brother ScanNCut DX built in patterns.
The first thing used is a Cars heat vinyl transfer to show off our favorite character. Using a sparkly heat transfer vinyl, this gave me a real pop of color and sparkle to this popular Cars character.


Tip: Don’t want to sew? You could easily hot glue this project instead! Hand stitching is another great option for this project.

When working with your ScanNCut DX to build projects, always think about the end result, and what you’d like to have happen. For example, I knew I wanted a ‘hole’ in my felt so that I could have the address and name for my luggage tag show. I also knew I’d use a piece of plastic to cover this hole, but what shape to make it? I used a rounded corner rectangle and cut my felt all at once. This gave me a ‘window’ and made my project even easier to make.
This kind of window-making can apply to all kinds of creations from cards to scrapbooking and beyond as well. For these sorts of crafting projects, you’ll want to think about what you can add depth to, and when a window will suit your creative needs. The other clever change up from the usual luggage tag here is both the use of a metal ring, and how I sewed the front only – then added the back. This makes our luggage tag both changeable and removes the time and skill needed to sew a buckle and strap to the top.
From creating these for your family to gifting to friends – you’ll never have boring luggage again! Craft luggage tags custom to your vacations and have a blast with the process.