Make a Card Inspired by Disney's "The Lion King"

-Brother Crafts Blogger

- ScanNCutSDX230Di
- standard mat
- watercolor paper
- cardstock
- vinyl (sticker)
- watercolor mediums (pastels, pencils, pens)
- optional to stitch

While you certainly can use patterns in simple ways, you can also mix and match ideas, mediums, and think outside the box! On this card I used the sun part of design as a stencil, increased the size of the animals, and even created my own sentiment using the built-in fonts! 
When thinking about using stencils, I like to pull out cardstock or a sturdy plastic sheet (if I want it reusable) that might otherwise go unused and make the most of that. When coloring, you’ll want to keep a firm grip on your stencil and sometimes taping down (masking or washi tape) your card/material you are coloring helps keep things steady. Don’t like how it turns out? Try again! Cards are a perfect place to experiment and learn new techniques as you’re just working on a small piece of paper. 

My card size here is a standard 5 ½ x 4 ¼” – and when I went to add a sentiment, I kept this size in mind. While you can bring other fonts in (via font converter tool), there are some simple fonts available for nearly instant words! I sized my sentiment to fit nicely in the gap towards the bottom – such a fun card design. 
Mixing and matching coloring, stitching, and stickers with my ScanNCut DX is a lot of fun creatively, and the machine does all the hard work for me. Creating in this way has gotten me to try so many new things and experiment with new crafts as well – because I’ve got the built in patterns to support all of my creative ideas, and my favorite characters are always here at my fingertips.