Cheshire Cat Mixed Media Canvas

Intro Post

Supplies Needed:
  • ScanNCut230D
  • Standard Mat
  • Assorted materials to cut (paper, craft vinyl, etc)
  • Transfer material (if using vinyl)
  • Thread and sewing machine (or hand stitch)
  • Liquid and dry double sided adhesive
  • Buttons and pearls
  • Glitter glue
  • 8x10 canvas

    Supplies Needed
    Putting Project Together

My favorite part of this wacky canvas project is that you can quite easily turn it into a shadowbox, inside a frame, or any other kind of home décor project using these techniques. It is a ton of fun to create, the theme options are endless, and you can mix and match leftover scraps of material as well!

Tip: Want to better visualize your pattern? Use scrap paper, cardstock you have too much of, or an inexpensive material to cut out samples and lay it out! See if it works or if adjustments need to be made before you commit to your real or more expensive materials.

I wanted to make a pattern that reminds me of a lovely quilt that I saw, and so I picked out a basic pattern from the wide selection already built into this machine. For my stitching, I just went this way, that way, and all around! By placing some pieces before stitching and some after, I created a richer depth to my piece. Want to get even crazier? You could add dimensional elements, use other materials, and take this project idea in so many new directions. I hope I’ve inspired you to create!

Project Up Close
Finished Product