Create a Fun Patch of Googly Eyed Pumpkins

Intro Post

Create a fun loving patch of pumpkins and decorate your home just in time for Halloween.

Supplies: ScanNCut, CanvasWorkspace, 2 (12 by 12) Black Felt square, 1 (12 by 12) Green Felt square, 1 (12 by 12) White Felt square, 1 (12 by 12) Orange Felt square, googly eyes, glue, 12 by 12 wood board

1) Use CanvasWorkspace to create a fence using different shapes and then weld them together.
2) Use CanvasWorkspace to create pumpkins using an oval shape and a square welded together (black felt). You'll need 5 pumpkins. You also need to create 5 pumpkins without the stem (orange felt) and create 5 stems for the pumpkins (green felt).
3) Cut a 9x12 black felt sheet and glue the sheet to the wood board.
4) Using the green felt cut a 3 by 12 sheet and glue the sheet beneath the black felt onto the wood board.


5) Using the white felt cut your fence design (using the slowest setting on your ScanNCut). Then glue the fence onto the board.
6) Using black felt, cut out the full pumpkin shapes with the stem (5 pumpkins).
7) Using orange felt, cut out the oval pumpkins without the stems. Glue the orange pumpkins onto the black pumpkins.

8) Using green felt, cut out the small stems. Glue them onto the black pumpkins.
9) Glue two googly eyes on each pumpkin.