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-ScanNCut DX

- standard mat

- sticker vinyl

- cardstock

- adhesive

- transfer sheet

- potted plant (real or faux)

Tip: Love an SVG file but only want part of it? You can of course do editing in your computer, but what if you lack know-how or time? You can cut out the entire file, then trim the parts off that you don’t want! This gives your cut file even more uses and looks.

I was at the grocery store when I spotted a beautiful lavender plant (faux) in a recycled materials planter. Not only was this a mess free gift idea for a dear friend who loves but can’t grow lavender, but a perfect candidate for customizing and adding semi homemade touches to a gift. When it comes to candidates for adding vinyl – so many materials work! If looking for sticker or craft vinyl (a simple sticker material that requires no heat setting, vs heat transfer vinyl) friendly materials, you’re looking for paper, smooth surfaces (wood, ceramic), and essentially any reasonable surface you could expect a strong sticker to adhere to.

pic 3a

I love to customize planters, and there are many approaches to take here. I went with utilizing a beautiful purple vinyl, and enlarging my design so that I had the largest possible bouquet. Some alternative things that you could add include embellishments such as rhinestones or buttons, text or additional colors of vinyl, or even painting over the vinyl in a masking effect.

One thing that I love to do in order to really up the ante on custom gifts is to create dimensional gift tags. Since I already am at my crafting table, and have all my supplies out we might as well! Gift tags are a great way to use up paper scraps, and there are endless variations that you can use to mix and match both built in and your own designs to add words, shapes, even draw onto the tag itself. This goes that extra mile to show your recipient that you care, as well as being a really fun way to get just a little more crafting done. Mixing materials such as paper, vellum, even fabrics as well as adding dimensional embellishments is a great way to add details – and don’t forget to tie it all up with ribbon.

Thanks to my ScanNCut DX I am able to customize gifts in a wide variety of ways, and show my loved ones how much I care – as well as how much fun I have crafting!


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